Customs & Insurance

Customs Clearance

Secure Freight offers customs clearance service to her customers. While general cargo normally requires 24 hours to clear through Customs., some special Customs inspections may be required on occasions. As each commodity has its own tariff treatment and importing or exporting requirements, it is best to check with our professional brokers if you need any further details.

Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance is an important part of the logistics process. Business incurs risks yet when insurance is applied well, it can eliminate one of the risk factors in transportation to provide financial security as well as peace of mind. Secure Freight goes beyond basic insurance for our customers. Its alliance with major insurance companies allows us to offer competitive premiums on comprehensive cargo insurance coverage for most commodities. Our customers are able to choose the type of insurance that is most suited for their needs. Whether it is single insurance coverage or annual blanket policies, our representatives can discuss with you in detail. By planning ahead, we can assist our customers focus on their business if something does go wrong.